gluten-free products
We offer the following list as a guide to help you find gluten-free products in our stores*. The following list does not include every gluten-free product available at Cooper’s Foods. All products listed may not be available at all Cooper’s Foods locations. Click here for printable version.
EnerG breads and baked goods
Patsy Pie cookies and biscotti
Silver Hills Chia Chia and Max’s Flax bread
Udi’s breads and baked goods
Deli & Meats
select Grimm’s deli and packaged meats
select Freybe’s deli and packaged meats
Harvest bacon
Mastro deli meats
McLean organic and natural deli meats and sausages
San Daniele deli meats
Western Family smokies (Bavarian, 3 cheese, double smoked and chipotle)
Western Family kielbassa ham sausages
Western Family hams (steaks toupie style and black forest toupie style)
Western Family maple wood smoked ham
Western Family European wieners
Gluten Free fresh salads at the deli counter
See our deli counter for more gluten-free deli meats, sausages and pepperoni choices.
Baking Ingredients
Bob’s Red Mill products: gluten-free flours and baking mixes
Clubhouse rice flour and potato starch
Dr Oetker cake and muffin mixes
Kinnikinnick products: bread and baking mixes and pancake waffle mix
Pamela’s products: baking mixes and pancake waffle mix
Western Family regular and mini marshmallows
Western Family baking powder
Bakery On Main gluten-free granola
Bob’s Red Mill mighty tasty hot cereal
General Mills Chex rice and honey nut cereal
Glutino cold cereals
GoGo Quinoa Muesli
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies brown rice cereal
Nature’s Path cold cereals: corn flakes, honeyed corn flakes, crispy rice, maple sunrise, mesa sunrise, millet rice, vanilla sunrise
Nature’s Path Enviro Kidz cold cereals: frosted flakes, gorilla munch, koala crisp, peanut butter panda puffs
Skinny B and Holy Crap cereals
CheeCha potato puffs
Kettle Brand potato chips
Lundberg rice chips
Old Dutch potato chips
Old Dutch Restaurante tortilla chips
Que Pasa tortilla chips
Rice Works gourmet brown rice crisps
RW Garcia flax tortilla chips
Western Family cyclone potato chips
Western Family Organics tortillas chips
Glutino candy bars, wafer cookies and regular cookies
Midel brand cookies: arrowroot, chocolate chip, gingersnaps
Pamela’s cookies
Patsy Pie cookies and biscotti
SunStart caramel and chocolate dessert delights
Crackers, Rice Cakes and Snack items
Blue Diamond nut thins
Christie rice thins
Glutino crackers, breadsticks, breakfast bars and candy bars
Hot Kid rice crisps
Mary’s Gourmet organic crackers
Mrs. May’s Roasted Nut Snacks
Nature’s Path Enviro Kidz crispy rice bars
Pane Riso ice cream cones
Real Foods corn thins
SuperSlim brown rice crisps
Western Family pudding cups
Health Bars
Elevate Me! energy bars
Larabar energy bars
Rebar nutritional bar
Vega bars
cornmeal and polenta
flaxseeds and flax meal
rice (white, brown, wild, basmati, jasmine)
Annie Chun’s Rice Express
Alter Eco quinoa and grains
Casbah Organic whole grain quinoa
GoGo Quinoa
Lundberg rice and rice varieties
Lundberg risotto products
NuWorld wild rice blends
SunBrown rice varieties
SunRice rice varieties
Texana rice varieties
Tru Roots quinoa and grains
Pasta & Noodles
Mrs.Leepers corn pasta
Thai Kitchen stir-fry noodles and Noodle Carts
Tinkyada brown and white rice pasta
Salad Dressing
Litehouse salad dressings (except sesame ginger, soy ginger, Thai peanut, creamy Asian and barbecue ranch)
Newman’s Own Organic salad dressings (except sesame ginger and family recipe Italian)
Renee’s dressings (except Asian sesame and Japanese ginger)
Simply Naturals organic dressings (except Goddess)
Pace salsa
Que Pasa salsa
Newman’s Own Mexican salsa
Bragg all purpose seasoning
Honey Bunny Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce
Pataks chutneys, pastes and Korma, Madras and Tikka Masala cooking sauces
Amano Tamari wheat-free soy sauce
Thai Kitchen sauces and curry pastes
Western Family Organics and Regular tomato ketchup
Western Family mustard and flavoured mustard
Western Family Classics antipasto
Western Family seafood cocktail sauce
Western Family tartar sauce
Tomatoes & Pasta Sauce
Eden’s Organic no salt added spaghetti sauce
Eden’s Organic crushed tomatoes and no salt added crushed tomatoes
Eden’s Organic pizza sauce
Newman’s Own spaghetti sauce
Prego pasta sauces
     Prego Mushroom 645mL and 1.75L
     Prego Original 375mL, 645mL and 1.75L
Simply Natural Organic pasta sauce
Western Family Organics and Regular tomato sauce and tomato paste (no added salt and regular varieties)
Western Family Organics tomatoes diced in juice, no added salt, and crushed with basil
Western Family Italian plum, whole diced, and crushed tomatoes (no added salt and regular varieties)
Western Family Italian and Mexi stewed tomatoes
Canned and Baked Beans
Eden’s Organic baked beans with sorghum and mustard
Eden’s Organic rice & lentils and rice & pinto beans
Eden’s Organic refried beans
Eden’s Organic canned beans
Western Family beans in sauce with pure Canadian maple syrup
Amy’s Organic chili
Amy’s Organic soups (gluten free varieties include: black bean vegetable, lentil vegetable, cream of tomato, split pea & lentil)
Better Than Bouillon products
Campbell’s vegetable broth
Campbell’s Condensed chicken rice, chicken with white & wild rice, tomato with basil & oregano
Campbell’s Healthy Request new England clam chowder
Campbell’s Chunky chicken & sausage gumbo, chicken homestyle chili, hot & spicy chili, split pea with ham
Campbell’s Gardennay harvest mushroom with real cream, red pepper black bean
Campbell’s V8 Soup golden autumn carrot
Harvest Sun bouillon
Happy Planet Hearty Soups
Imagine Organic soups and broths (except creamy chicken, soy ginger)
Pacific soups and broths
Frozen Foods
Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals: burritos, rice’n mac, pizza
Caesars frozen lasagna and pasta meals
Copper Pot Entrees
Food For Life brown rice tortillas
Glutino breads and baked goods
Kinnikinnick frozen breads and baked goods
Nature’s Path buckwheat and mesa sunrise waffles
O’doughs frozen breads and baked goods
Van’s gluten-free waffles
Frozen Desserts
Chapman’s ice cream (look for their gluten-free symbol on packaging)
So Good non-dairy frozen desserts
So Delicious and Purely Decadent frozen desserts (look for their gluten-free symbol on packaging)
Dairy Foods & Alternatives
Almond Breeze nondairy beverages
Earth’s Own almond beverages
Kozy Shack pudding
Rice Dream rice beverage
Ryza rice beverage
Silk soy beverages and Silk for coffee
So Delicious coconut milk
So Good soy beverages
So Nice soy beverages and soy yogurts
Western Family Classics and Western Family yogurts
*Cooper’s Foods obtains gluten-free information from suppliers. We do not investigate to determine if the information provided to us in regards to any item is accurate. At the time this list was prepared, the products indicated here are those consisting of or made only from ingredients which typically do not include any gluten-containing proteins of wheat, barley, rye and contaminated oats and are being made in manufacturing plants that do not process wheat, barley, rye or oats. Manufacturing and packaging practices may change without any warning and a product that was once gluten-free may no longer be. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to carefully read the ingredients in each product that they purchase. To verify if a Western Family brand product is gluten-free, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-242-9229 or through